Fort Flagler, Olympic Peninsula near Port Townsend

October 5-7, 2012

The NWPCC rotates between Oregon and Washington.  461 people attended last year’s NWPCC outside of Portland, Oregon. NWPCC features large numbers of educational workshops, exciting keynote speakers and the opportunity to network with permaculturists from all over the Northwest. NWPCC will link up with local people for a hands-on program in the vicinity and in Port Townsend leading up to the event. Fort Flagler was built in the 1890s for the coast artillery with a few elegant-looking officer’s houses, other white, clapboard buildings and it looks like a New England village. It is set on a bluff overlooking Admiralty Inlet and Puget Sound. The view from any of the buildings is spectacular. The village is surrounded by trees that have grown up in the hundred years. Flagler has indoor accommodations for 292 people in heated dormitories plus there are camping facilities for 206 persons. RVs have to get reservations well in advance. Most of the food will be grown by the participants and supplemented by purchasing from local farmers. If you would like to be a presenter, sponsor, committee-member or a volunteer please get in touch with Kelda Miller, kelda@riseup.net

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