~~ Permaculture in Action ~~

Josho Somine

Greening Awareness in Public Spaces

This presentation and discussion will highlight several cutting-edge green urban design projects in Seattle, and examine the ways sustainable design is infiltrating the mainstream. Opportunities for connecting permaculture with broader social movements and wider public awareness will be discussed, using grass-roots precedents from the SF Bay area.

Josho Somine is native to northern California, and has been active in the national permaculture network since 1997. He has developed long-term relationships with Earthaven Ecovillage (NC), the Lama Foundation (NM), and the Occidental Arts & Ecology Center (CA), and worked with a broad range of sites and communities nationally and internationally. He received a permaculture teaching certificate in 2001 from Cascadia Permaculture Institute, holds a BFA in sculpture and community-based art from the California College of Arts & Crafts, and recently completed a master’s in landscape architecture at the University of Washington.

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