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Bill Aal & Carlos NegronBill Aal & Carlos Negron

Power Dynamics and Oppressions

Historically, in order to gain access to American society, all of us have been expected to leave our different cultures, traditions and perspectives at the door. 

We have been divided from each other both in the ways in which we have been raised, and the social and economic structures in which we operate. This has made it impossible to create inclusive contexts and establish the trust necessary to work together effectively.

We come together to build alliances because we are stronger when rooted in our different communities and identities because we see different aspects of the situation. Just as importantly, our power is multiplied when we can call on our different constituencies.

What are ways that permaculturists and the permaculture movement itself learn to deal creatively with the differences in culture, political beliefs and life styles? How do we develop a body of thinking and a network of teachers that reflects the diversity in the communities we live and work in?  How do we confront delinquent  institutions? Panel -  Carlos Alicea Negron, Kelda Miller, Bill Aal and others

Bill Aal is Co-Chair of AGRA Watch, and a co-founder of CAGJ. He is deeply involved in social and environmental justice work with a particular focus on agricultural sustainability and social healing. He joined forces with Margo Adair as co-director of Tools for Change whose mission is: “To bring History, Heart Spirit, Vision and Values into the Center of Public Life.” 

Versed in opening the imagination, awakening people’s best thinking and inspiring group transformation, Aal works with group reflection to unleash collective genius in organizational settings. He has consulted with a wide variety of social and environmental groups in Washington and around the US. Bill was an active board member of the Washington State Sustainable Food and Farming Network for ten years and was a board member of the Western Sustainable Agriculture Working Group. He as taught segments about social permaculture at several permaculture courses in California and the Northwest

Carlos R. Alicea Negrón is an environmental scientist, community organizing, teacher, popular education trainer with ample experience in Puerto Rico and United States and Latin American. He is a professor at Center for Literacy and Cultural Democracy where he teaches Environmental Sciences, Introduction Physical Sciences and Geography using a Multicultural Teaching Model.  Some examples of the projects and initiatives that Mr. Alicea has been involved are:
a) food sovereignty and food justice;
b) ecology-environmental educational initiatives ;
c) community science development projects;
d) community based participatory;
e) Environmental Art Festival;
and f) The Alliance of the People of Las Americas project in the USA. 

Carlos is as well a poet and a short story writer.

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