~~ Social Permaculture ~~

Zeratha Young

Zone 0 – Applying Permaculture Wisdom to the Self

Come explore how a healthy inner environment- (mind, heart and soul) is necessary for an equally healthy relationship to and with the social and natural systems we are embedded within. 

How can we make the connection between the importance for ‘inner transition’, healing and self work and our work in the world and the realization that one can nourish the other?  How can we hold the space between process and action, the zone of creative tension or in permaculture terms ‘the edge’ with the grace to allow the process of emergence to take place?

How do the stories, archetypes and narratives that we carry around about the world interact with and effect our stories about ourselves and how we relate to others and the natural world?  How can we create safe yet deepening spaces for exploring difficult questions in complex times that will help us to create new cultural narratives?

All of this is part of designing from patterns to details.  Come share a lively discussion about how we can apply the wisdom of permaculture principles, tools and techniques to the personal scale or inner world.

Zeratha Young is an artist, activist, teacher, and organizer with an MA in Sustainable Communities.  She works at the intersection of ecological/social art, participatory community development, and whole systems design and change. Zeratha has a deep interest in the psychological, spiritual and emotional aspects and effects of energy descent and of living in a complex time with systemic social and environmental justice issues.  Her passion is helping individuals, groups and organizations create safe spaces for exploring difficult questions that can help to shape new cultural narratives and in turn new ways of relating to one another and the natural world. 

Zeratha enjoys helping organizations, businesses, groups and communities design sustainable, creative, participatory and collaborative approaches to social and/or environmental challenges using bioregional and artistic approaches.  She is currently part of the Cascadia Center, helps manage and facilitate the Transition PDX Heart and Soul Group, and in the recent past has been on the board of CNRG (Community Nonprofit Resources Group), Spreading Roots, Spring Forth/The Dirt!, the Portland Peak Oil Council,  and the Transition PDX steering committee group.   www.zeratha.com

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