~~ Saturday Evening Featured Speaker ~~

Tom Ward

Permaculture for the Masses
8 pm on Saturday Evening

Opportunities in a downsizing empire and
how the “back to the land” movement
has tried to move outside of
the mainstream economy.

Tom will be speaking about “Permaculture for the Masses” – a review of the opportunities in a downsizing empire. Tom advocates a recall of how the back to the land movement tried to move outside of the mainstream economy. He will talk about squatting, the new feudalism, stewardship of the commons and semi-nomadic “bodger” cooperatives, training hubs on existing experimental sites, possible reform suggestions (just for scenario exercise) and home centered economies.
Tom Ward, of Siskiyou Permaculture, is a long time resident of the Southern Oregon bioregion first settling here in the early 70′s, and has been advising farms and teaching Permaculture for over thirty years.  He has degrees in Forestry and Botany from Syracuse University and has taught at Laney College in Oakland CA., D-Q University in Davis CA, and at Thlolego Learning Centre in South Africa among many other institutes and communities.  

Tom is presently managing a Social Forestry experimental station in Little Wolf Gulch near Ruch, OR, where he is demonstrating natural building, fuel hazard materials utilization, multiple products woods-crafting, wildlife enhancement and desert forest water management.

He has taught dozens of permaculture design courses and permaculture teachers training courses in Southern Oregon and Northern California over the last 25 years, as well as occasional jaunts farther afield.  He is a frequent guest instructor with Toby Hemenway and other instructors in the Northwest.  In conjunction with Siskiyou Permaculture, he teaches a weekend PDC each winter at various locations in Southern Oregon and advanced permaculture courses at his site in the Little Applegate. His “Advanced Skills Permaculture” courses are not to be missed, such as Optical Surveying for Permaculture Earthworks and Social Forestry.

Tom Ward is the author of Greenward Ho! Herbal Home Remedies: An Ecological Approach to Sustainable Health.  Tom gives talks on all aspects of Permaculture with recent topics being Social Forestry, Ecological Opportunities and Constraints of the Upper Bear Creek Basin and Permaculture for Transition.  

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