~~ Saturday Evening Featured Speaker ~~

Terry O’Day

Finding Common Cause: Permaculture
at the nexus of sustainability and Education

Saturday evening, October 15th at 8 pm

Terry presents an excellent overview of permaculture being used in regional K-12 schools and describes how the permaculture domains can provide a framework for integrating academic disciplines under the goal of educating for sustainability.  Terry will suggest some possible curricular configurations that include a core foundation of permaculture design and will then focus in on the process of designing and implementing a learning garden at the B Street Permaculture Project through a collaboration between 1st, 2nd, 3rd grade students with design and education students at Pacific University.
Terry O’Day teaches in the Art and Environmental Studies departments at Pacific University and has been investigating the intersection of sustainability and education through designing learning environments in accordance with permaculture ethics and principles. Projects include the Forest Grove Community School: a k-8 charter school that features place-based experiential learning and outdoor classrooms, the B Street Permaculture Project: a demonstration site that provides information and inspiration for the learning community of Forest Grove, and most recently, a new interdisciplinary undergraduate education major that includes courses such as Permaculture Design, Systems Thinking in the K-12 Classroom, Learning and Market Gardens, and The Outdoor Classroom as an Integrating Context.

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