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Steve Leppold: Scythe Renaissance
Steve Leppold

Scythe Renaissance

Introduction to the European scythe, a human-powered tool with permaculture applications both rural and urban. There will be demonstrations of scythe usage, showing the various functions of different blades, and scythe sharpening. A multitude of scythe blades and snaths (handles) will be displayed, including snaths made from backyard branches and local oak tree lumber. Information will be provided about good sources for scythe equipment, as well as directions for making a homemade snath. Hands-on participation could be possible for a limited number of people at the end of the presentation.
Six years ago, Steve started to use a scythe extensively on his overgrown lot in Eugene. Since then, he has organized several group purchases of scythes (a dozen at a time, with no markup) for the local permaculture guild, and provided free workshops on scythe usage and sharpening. Steve has a blog called “ScytheConnected“, in collaboration with Canadian scythe guru Peter Vido, and is the inventor of the “Oregon Snath”, as detailed on Peter Vido’s ScytheConnection.com website.

Steve recently gave a free workshop on making snaths from backyard branches, which results in a custom-fitted scythe at a great reduction in cost.

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