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Ravi Logan

Merging WWOOFing and
Neighborhood Transformation

This program will report on an initiative by the Prout Institute and collaborating neighbors in Eugene to engage 15 summer interns in building neighborhood resiliency around gardens, cob and strawbale construction, community cultural events, service work, spirituality and permaculture installations. It will then explore the incredible and unrecognized potential to engage idealistic youth (many in the WWOOFing network) in the accelerated building out of local resiliency projects.
“Ravi serves as an ‘acharya’ (meditation teacher) in the yoga tradition, offering personal meditation instruction as well as training in yoga practices, philosophy and ethics. 

Raiv is the Program Director of Dharmalaya, a neighborhood center in Eugene that synthesizes an emphasis on wholesome living, spiritual community, sustainable lifestyle, personal development, neighborhood resiliency, and new social vision.

Ravi is also the Executive Director of the Prout Institute, which promotes a decentralist, earth-friendly vision of socio-economic development, making use of social design principles that expand upon traditional, resource management oriented permaculture principles.”

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