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Rachel Korstein and Evan Gregoire

Raising Ducks
The Permaculturists Companion

We raise the best foraging ducks, the Ancona duck, in a large rotational areas in a permacultured farm forested setting. We have the main breeding population the Ancona at Boondockers Farm here in Eugene. We would love to come present on the latest methods, ideas and knowledge about raising these amazing sustainable garden companions in your backyard or farm. We will have people leaving our class with a renewed look on producing a diverse multispecies ecology on their own.

We have been providing the local NW and United States with Rare duckling and breeding stock for the last 6 years. We have been featured on the radio, TV, Newspapers, and teach the world community about raising these amazing creates. Here are some links to the media we have received or done over the years.



Evan found his second nature for the soil and has gained a knowledge of many aspects of small farming, permaculture, community involvement and compost management while helping Eugene to expand its gardening and foodie community.  On the farm, Evan specializes in bringing back heirloom plants and heritage animals from the depths of endangerment and putting them all back on the dinner table.


Based upon his personal introduction to plants and animals when very young, Evan strongly believes cultivating a gardening interest in children throughout their childhood, coupled with ongoing delivery of information to the general public is crucial to keeping healthy food on the table.  He enjoys teaching others and holds workshops for all ages on biodiversity, growing techniques, preserving foods, saving seeds, heirloom plants and heritage animals.

Rachel Kornstein

Rachels enthusiasm for animals and healthy food attractively presented is a life-long avocation. She loves discovering the roots of food and its different cultural styles and traditions, its flavors as they emerge from the techniques of different cultures. “For me, food is the connection between earth and our being, the relationship between our body’s physical needs and the earth that produces good, healthy food.” This heritage of regard for the essentials of farming and animal husbandry are instilled in her work at Boondockers Farm.


Rachel moved to Oregon with Evan to immerse myself in a community that is maturing in its respect for its produce and animals.  She has had the good fortune to meet and learn from professionals with a strong commitment to sustainability. The knowledge they share makes her aware of new opportunities in the culture of heirloom seeds and heritage animals. In this growing community, she looks forward to enthusiastically work with and learn from others who share willingly their knowledge of sustainable living.





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