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Pat Rasmussen
Pat Rasmussen

Turn Your Yard into an
Edible Forest Garden

Powerpoint presentation on how to turn your yard into an Edible Forest Garden – fruit and nut trees, berry bushes and perennial vegetables. Grow your own food in your yard. It’s organic, no-till, sequesters carbon, and provides a connection to the natural world.

This how-to presentation will show you how to work with your neighbors to help each other put in your gardens and share resources, work with your neighborhood associations to create more gardens and put Edible Forest Gardens at schools and other community locations.

I have been installing Edible Forest Gardens in yards in Olympia, Bellingham , West Seattle and Camano Island for the past four years. Our non-profit “Edible Forest Gardens” provides volunteer opportunities on garden installations so people can learn how to do it in their own yards and communities. We host interns from The Evergreen State College.

I have made such presentations at all permaculture convergences, the Fairy Congress, at neighborhood association meetings in Olympia, and others places. 

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