~~ Communing With Nature ~~

Morgan Brent

Cultivating the Deeper Dimensions of Permaculturalist Pro-activity

Dr. Morgan Brent, Portland, will speak of the synergized human being birthed out of this 6th, and greatest, planetary ‘age of extinction’ we are currently in.  Guidance to this evolutionary destiny can be accessed thru the Gaian ‘innernet’ we all carry in the evolutionary heritage of our physical form.  We will experientially activate this guidance thru a Creation-story of mythic renewal, a narrative we communally ‘sing alive’ in the traditional of shamanic medicine circles.   www.TribesOfCreation.com;  www.SingingAlive.com
Morgan Brent (MT Xen) has a PhD in anthropology, however he left academia after engagements with herbal healing traditions clued him into a vast Gaian intelligence, with which he became conversant, and soon allied with its purposes. He now specializes in the prescriptive teachings (Gaian dharma) of medicinal plants, aka ‘Nature’s plan to save the humans’.

In service to this guidance, he writes articles and essays, births, collects, and strings together songs into malas of embodied story telling, and makes medicines of all kinds, among them events both large (Singing Alive gatherings, now in their 5th year), and small (Creation-song circles). These events are about sharing songs (and prayers, chants, blessings, and song om) of personal and planetary renewal ~ which he considers gestures of subtle activism, food for a spiritually hungry world. For more info, go to ~ www.TribesOfCreation.com

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