~~ Communing with Nature ~~

Michael Pilarski

Permaculture, Deep Ecology and Fairies

“All Our Relations” and “All My Relations” are terms we hear in certain circles and generally coming from a Native American ethos. In this workshop we will explore the relationships that a person can have with plants, animals, birds, insects, and all the lifeforms around us. As well as relationships with rocks, mountains, streams, oceans, clouds, winds and the natural world.

We will also look at what relationships we can cultivate with the unseen intelligences within and behind nature including fairies and devas. We will discuss how permaculturists can improve their results by allying with the lifeforms around them, seen and unseen.

Michael Pilarski has been a student of permaculture for over 30 years and has been studying about fairies and devas for over 40 years.  He combines a deep knowledge of both.  Michael is the convenor of the Fairy & Human Relations Congress (11 annual so far) and has organized many permaculture gatherings. He is a hands-on plant person currently growing 2.5 acres of gardens and agroforests.

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