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Michael Cook

Presentation Title: Place Is Our Soil

In gardens we make soil, in cities we make place. In this story time picture show, we will take a brief look at the context we find ourselves in, a social monoculture grid mirroring the tragedy of modern farming. With inspiration from our indigenous roots, we’ll see how the cultivation of place can be harnessed as a powerful catalyst for community growth with some local examples of creative public space reclamation and 10 helpful principles to take home with you to plant in your own communities.

Born and raised in Iowa, with background in creative problem solving, sustainable living and spiritual studies, Michael has spent the last three years in Portland as a full time volunteer advocate and organizer for the local grassroots non profit City Repair. As an aspiring placemaker, Michael works to inspire, educate and support communities in creatively transforming the places where they live. He is a core member of City Repair, a core organizer of the annual Village Building Convergence and has traveled around Portland and across North America to share the story of place.

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