~~ Rural Permaculture ~~

Marc Tobin

Lost Valley Ecovillage
& Educational Center Site Plan

This presentation will visually show, and tell the story, of the new site plan for Lost Valley, a 22 year old ecovillage on an 87 acre rural retrofit property that is home to over 30 people. 

The presentation addresses “Finding Common Cause” on two levels. First, the residents and stakeholders of Lost Valley needed to find a common vision for the future of the site. Secondly, the site plan represents a combination of two very important, but often not synergized, causes; that of a. rural self-reliant homesteading and b. community oriented mixed use pedestrian friendly village design.

Marc Tobin is a consultant helping communities, ecovillages, and neighborhood groups with site planning, design process, organizational structures, decision making, mediation, and meeting and visioning facilitation. He also uses music and knowledge of personal growth processes to build community. He is currently president of the board of Lost Valley Educational Center, where he lived for 7 years and was the founding director of the Ecovillage and Permaculture Certificate Program, a primary instructor, and helped coordinate hands-on permaculture projects. 

Marc holds a degree of Master in Community and Regional Planning from the University of Oregon, where he was a student co-director of the Ecological Design Center, and a BA in Environmental Studies from Naropa University. He received his Permaculture Design Certificate from the High Altitude Permaculture Institute in Ward Colorado in 1996, and is authorized by the Global Ecovilage Network to instruct the Ecovilage Design Education Curriculum. He has written for Communities Magazine.

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