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Krista and David Arias
Krista and David Arias

Trauma & Initiation
Medicine for Deep Resiliance

As we have delved into permaculture and village building over the last few years, we have noticed that even if you have a great idea, if people can’t work together over a sustained period of time “Village Building” efforts tend to ring hollow. As we continue to grow we have started to address this issue using methods of curative story, trauma resolution, and nervous system re-imprinting. Deeply mending and restorative, the work gives us great hope not only for the physical survival of our precious planet, but also for our emotional and spiritual evolution and resilience.

We live in a traumatic age of information overload, medicalized birth, greed, busyness, and other modern maladies. It is our hope that if we can get to the root of what keeps any one of us stuck in automatic response instead of resilience, permaculture will emerge as a truly collaborative movement rather than yet another push for self-sufficiency and isolation.

Krista is a Midwife, trained in Somatic Experiencing (www.traumahealing.com) with a PDC and MA in philosophy.
David is the one who knows about it all from being married to her. He is also really good at relating it to permaculture and he has a PDC too…. 

see www.tierrasoulpdx.com & www.mamamuse.com

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