~~ Hands On Skill Building ~~

Kelda Miller

Not Just Groovy Yards
How Permaculture Can (and Should) Transform Urban Sprawl into Functional Villages

There are two parts to this workshop: presentation and design exercise. The presentation is about our country’s land-use issues gone awry, why Permaculturists should care, and what within our movement are, and are not, solutions. The design exercise takes this to the metaphorical streets, playing around with rural, suburban, small town, and urban centers in a way that honors complex and humbling real-life situations. http://www.divinearthgp.com/?page_id=715
Kelda Miller grew up in a suburban cul-de-sac lifestyle, rejected it young, and ran off to find permaculture. She has been a contributor and leader in the movement for years and counts as her favorite projects: Seattle Permaculture Guild, Tacoma’s Permaculture Design Courses, and groups such as Sustainable Puyallup, which quite literally bring the issue home. She’s chosen to practice permaculture in an area rife with urban sprawl issues and enjoys the conversation exchange between the permaculture movement and resource-depleting consumerist america.

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