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Jude Hobbs: Designing Multi-Functional HedgerowsJude Hobbs

Designing Multi-Functional Hedgerows

A hedgerow is a beautiful, functional and biologically diverse component of rural and/or urban landscapes. As a multi-tiered row of trees, shrubs, ground covers, vines, grasses, flowers and herbs it can border or divide fields, waterways or city lots. 

During this presentation you will learn how to design and establish a hedgerow to provide windbreaks, soil stabilization, shelter and food for wildlife (and people), buffers from noise and dust as well as ways to diversity your income. Come take this opportunity to start the design process on your own site by being introduced to plant selection via right plant, right place.

Jude Hobbs has 30 years experience in the design and teaching fields, where she utilizes whole systems design to generate environmentally sound solutions that inspire sustainable actions in urban and rural settings. With her extensive practical experience, Jude offers courses and workshops throughout the US and Canada and has developed curricula that encompass diverse learning styles with methods that are inspiring and information rich. Jude has written an Oregon State University Publication: A Guide to Multi-Functional Hedgerows

She is co-developing a demonstration site on seven acres of diverse microclimates in Cottage Grove, Oregon. www.cascadiapermaculture.com



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