~~ Communing With Nature ~~

Johnnie Pratt - Communing With Nature
Johnnie Pratt & Barbie-Danielle DeCarlo

My Year With Goats

How do you bridge the gap in the arena of cross species communication? Let’s explore and share the variety of ways that this communication can occur. My year with goats (chickens and pigs also) chronicles my personal experience with becoming part of a herd in spirit and community on a 5 acre farm on Vashon Island, WA. Lets find common cause in our intent with being one.

Social Permaculture Presentation with Barbie-Danielle DeCarlo
Telling Your Story – Common Ground is Sacred Ground

We are all connected. As the notion of permaculture design rests on elements of the environment depending on each other – independent of how different or similar – so do our personal narratives, which are built on systems that are intertwined. The gift of possibility in identifying ourselves in each others’ stories can be a powerful healing discovery (and tool). 

This workshop aims to demonstrate the possibilities of finding common ground among each other through participants’ personal narratives in fun, engaging, and interactive ways. Participants will expand, share, learn ways of identifying, harmonizing and infusing the notion of ‘social permaculture’.

Johnnie Pratt:
I am a transgressing human who believes there’s more to what’s around us than meets the eye. I am PDC certified farmer who lives on a 5 acre farm on Vashon who loves creating projects for sustainability and resilience from every day trash. I designed and maintain a humanure factory that is creating black gold from unmentionables! I have a great sense of humor and enjoy engaging folks with ideas and concepts that can change our world.I also have open technology skills and recently co-created and facilitated a workshop on “Engaging Emergence” with Peggy Holman at an internationally recognized conference for issues around gender. 

Barbie-Danielle DeCarlo:
Social equity facilitator; Heart of Facilitation certification, 2010; current participant in Coming To the Table and New Legacy Puget Sound’s racial reconciliation group, Healing Together: Addressing Slavery in Our Family’s Histories. University of Washington graduate in Women Studies, Geography and Latin American Studies (Brazil).

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