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Jenny Pell: Pacific NW Permaculture Projects in ActionJenny Pell

Pacific NW Permaculture Projects in Action

Join Jenny Pell to drop in on three different scales of permaculture being designed and implemented in our backyards: A 60 Acre Farm, 7 Acre City Food Forest, and a 1 acre LEED Platinum House.
Jenny is a permaculture designer, consultant and educator, with many years experience in natural building, design, and community living. She is helping craft the vision and mission of the project, the contracts and covenants, and will help with the overall permaculture design for the property. Jenny’s belief is that permaculture is one of the most common-sense and creative approaches to designing human settlements in any time, but especially now. www.permaculturenow.com & Community By Design: Small Farm Incubator

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