~~ Social Permaculture ~~

Jenny Leis

Organizational Permaculture
and Social Ecology

Ever get frustrated, bewildered or simply curious at the many ways we in our small groups of powerful people seem to replicate the structures we are trying to change? Perhaps many common paradoxes and tensions in our groups can be approached differently with a permacultural lens. For example, if the edge between two ecosystems is often an incredibly productive place, how can we find the edge between two people or ideas as similarly creative?

Have you considered complementary guilds of interests in your community groups? Or how to harvest the energy from an abundant moment (like a campaign) and use it to build the soil of your relationships? Applying permacultural thinking to our organizational dynamics allows us to consider subtle and hopefully more effective ways to work together.

With over a dozen years of experience in social change and community organizing, Jenny’s innovative ventures include co-founding Tryon Life Community (TLC) Farm, a community sustainability education center and urban farm in Portland, OR where she currently lives. Jenny is collaborating with community organizers, artists, therapists, and academics in the Portland area to launch the Cascadia Center, a social ecology resource center that encompasses a whole systems perspective on human dynamics in social change.

Jenny’s current work is informed by a yearlong self-directed listening tour in three corners of the U.S. and East and Southern Africa, where she explored connections among successful local and global grassroots changemaking efforts. She also co-founded the City Repair Project’s Village Building Convergence, a citywide annual event mobilizing dozens of neighborhoods to transform their public spaces.


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