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Ja Schindler

Fungi 101

Fungi 101: This workshop will be an introduction to fungi lifestyles and lifecycle, with a discussion on approaches to inviting them into your permaculture model. We will work through identifying 20 or so specimen and discuss ways of working with them to enhance the health of our habitat and ourselves.
This workshop is lead by Jason Schindler of Eugene, Oregon, an experienced amateur mycologist who has been dedicated to studying fungi for the past 8 years. He has harvested mushrooms commercially and worked on a progressive production farm; initiated myco-remediation projects and developed low-tech culturing techniques, finding that fungi are powerful healers and vital allies in assisting humans to forge healthier relationships with our planet. 

Jason runs a small business called Fungi For the People that offers workshops on mushrooms growing, dowel spawn, and garden patch kits. He can be reached at fungiforthepeople@gmail.com

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