~~ Rural Permaculture ~~

Erik Blender

Permaculture for Local & International
Refugee Situations

Climate change is causing an increase in natural disasters and human displacement all over the world. When displaced people in crisis are in need of aid, too often they become passive aid-recipients waiting for help on degraded landscapes. Yet, our global responses to crises are often inadequate and limited. What if the problem was the solution? 

Permaculture offers an abundance of applications that, coupled with rapid design, could be utilized in refugee situations for immediate water & energy catchment, human waste recycling, soil-building, obtaining food yields, and developing new communities that produce no waste.

Erik spent nearly a decade working in post-conflict and disaster situations and brings this unique perspective to permaculture design. In a world of declining available resources to help those in need, this talk will explore real ways to turn human crisis into a part of the solution for a sustainable, regenerative future.

Erik Blender is a Permaculture Designer & Instructor based in the Pacific NW. He is the 2011 Coordinator of the NW Permaculture Convergence and he writes a Permaculture blog called Guilded Gardens. From 1994 – 2002, Erik worked in post-conflict and emergency situations in former Soviet Central Asia and Afghanistan. Developing a deep sense of true sustainable development, he moved to Oregon in 2003, where he currently works with multifunctional, edible, and ecological systems for private and community lands. Erik has been a guest Permaculture instructor at the University of Oregon, OregonState University, and at Lost Valley Educational Center.  

Erik is also a Real Estate Broker in Portland, OR assisting homebuyers seeking the right urban homesteading situations.

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