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Erico Schleicher
Erico Schleicher

Community-Based Paradigm
for Herbal Medicine

Community Based Herbalism is for everyone! We reorganize holistic health caring into a shared experience. The plants around us are identified for their role in helping with issues we all deal with together.

By shifting herbal medicine towards bioregional collectivist (tribal) methods – harvesting together, making medicines together, taking plant medicines together and ultimately healing together – we remove the most isolating aspects of illness prevention and simultaneously protect shared resources. This approach Increases our awareness of the plant and human world interweaving into one community together. Activities include plant ID, group medicine making, and making local plant medicine calendars.

Erico Schleicher, LAc, MAOM, is a practicing herbalist and acupuncturist and is a founder and faculty member of the Elderberry School of Botanical Medicine in Portland OR, which has been training community herbalists in bioregional lay herbalism since 2006. Erico’s herbalism workshops have been featured at the Breitenbush Herbal Conference, the Northwest Herbal Fair, Tryon Life Community Farm, the Montana Herb Gathering, and at the Herbe Shoppe and Clary Sage Herbarium. 

Erico finds that when we work seasonally with locally available plants that have discovered how to thrive in our bioregion, we learn to perceive the many voices that teach us how to integrate our own health into the life of the land around us. He is deeply committed to community health and operates the CommunityHerbalism.com blog.

Erico has been discovering and working with plant medicines since 1994. His early studies put him on a path towards regional, accessible, empowering herbalism based on traditional principles. Upon moving to Oregon, studied Chinese Medicine at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, and he has been doing clincal work with patients in Portland since 2003.

Erico is a board member of Tryon Life Community Farm, and has served as Treasurer and Vice President of the Oregon Acupuncture Association.

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