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Emet Degirmenci

An Example of Relocalization in Turkey

This topic is/was emerged after a 3 day teaching, Produce Local Consume Local, in North-West part of Turkey this year. Cazgirler village was an abundant village through urbanization which has brought by neo-liberal government politics. 

My presentation will bring living examples how our group has started to make a connection with the villagers and how we are continuing to support to regenerate local economy as well as socially which may be a model via permaculture approach for some parts of Turkey.

Emet gained her first permaculture certificate from Max Lindegger in 1997 in Turkey. She has involved in some community garden projects as well as practicing permaculture at her backyard in Australia until 2005. When the Gender and Development postgraduate study is completed on top of her 14 years geophysical engineering experience, a holistic sustainability project for refugees and new migrants was proposed to the Wellington City Council in New Zealand. She has leaved there 3 and half years to establish the project from 2006 to 2009. 

Her initiative, Innermost Gardens, has 2 centers up and running that utilize permaculture principles. Emet teaches permaculture/Ecological restoration with social justice context and focuses on women’s leadership at her home country, Turkey, as well as in greater Seattle region.

She has published a book “Ecological Transformation Through Women’s Eyes” or ‘Kadinlar Ekolojik Donusumde’ in Turkish. She is willing to make it’s English version, if she finds sponsors.   www.koruora.com

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