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Chuck Estin
Chuck Estin

Transition Economics

Using principles from the recently evolving field of Financial Permaculture, we are designing a “Transition Economics” plan to develop Bainbridge Island?s local economy for today’s world while creating a more ideal economic system to evolve toward a more just and sustainable future economic environment. We hope our Transition Economy will engage conservative community members and businesses in shifting from the current economic paradigm that exploits people and the environment to one that nurtures life systems. Our workshop will invite participation and feedback in different components of our design, including land, capital, labor, economic agents, and currency.

Chuck has lived on Bainbridge Island for 27 years with his wife, Demi, incorporating food from perennials, chickens, bees and annuals on their suburban lot and other neighboring farm sites. They have been practicing Permaculture informally in teaching high school science for ten years, then in the past six years as a permaculturist teaching PDC’s and workshops, designing and installing edible landscapes, managing a nursery, growing produce for local markets, and mentoring apprentices. Chuck has studied “alternative economics” and complementary currencies over the past decade, integrating new understandings into his work with the local community on Bainbridge Island.
Bios Design is his Permaculture business


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