~~ Communing With Nature ~~
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Charlotte Anthony
Charlotte Anthony

Communing with nature
Victory Garden Demo

Learn how the victory gardens works to grow vegetables sustainably. Like in the forest, we use techniques that increase the soil microbes, such as mycorhizzals and bacteria to create great growing conditions.  We use full permaculture complements of dynamic accumulators, nitrogen fixers, predator and pollinator habitat.  We use a “pay it forward” system.
Charlotte Anthony received her PDC in 2004 and has has helped create almost 650 gardens in the Eugene, OR area. In 2003-2004, Charlotte ran a 100-family CSA in California.  She was volunteer coordinator for a permaculture restoration project in New Orleans after Katrina, where she also worked with bioremediation projects for pollution clean-up. Charlotte has more than 35 years gardening experience and has been practicing permaculture for 15 years. 


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