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Social Sector Analysis: Economy

Economies bring resources and needs into relationship. These days we’re acutely aware of breakdowns in one of the strongest social “sectors”: the money economy. Most permaculturists also know about alternative economies: from sharing among friends and family through local currencies and barter exchanges.

In this workshop we’ll examine how both sectors affect our social designs, at personal, group, and network scales, looking especially at class dynamics in Permaculture contexts. We’ll then explore practical tools we can use to deepen real wealth and autonomy in a world of less and less money.

Brush is a network weaver for the Great Turning, with 15 years of experience articulating relations between direct action forest defense, union organizing, earth-based spirituality, postpostmodern political anthropology, web 2.0 tech design, green bloc permaculture, international grassroots movement solidarity, global justice convergence coordination, intentional communities, earth culture emergence, and more. For the last seven years, he has been rooted in Portland growing a radical land project, TLC Farm, for which he has been legal and financial coordinator.

At the same time, he co-founded ReCode (grassroots movement-building to legalize sustainability), A Circle Group (a collective weaving therapy and group process into the culture of direct action), Free Activist Witchcamp (a 100+ annual gathering for spirited revolution), and more. He is also an experienced consultant, trainer, and facilitator for groups, with an active approach rooted in attention to the ongoing patterns and relationships that grow consensus into living reality rather than formal procedure.

He is currently re-engaging his ongoing work to conjure the emergence in Portland of cooperative political economies, broad and robust enough to grow exponentially and meet urgent needs during times of crisis.

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