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Alice Busch
Alice Busch

Making The Connection 

Disaster Resiliency and Permaculture

Creating an awareness of the common ties between Permaculture, Energy Descent and Disaster Management is a style of instructing that focuses on speaking to diverse individuals interests and passions.

I teach all of my students to speak to a broad segment of the population, based not on what they as an instructor believes, but upon what is important to their audience. Paying attention to trigger words that both engage and shut down listeners enables instructors to become conscious of the role these words play in our students receptiveness to our message.

I ask students to focus on creating the common outcome of ’20 minute walkable communities’ – using whatever motivates their audience to do so. A 90 minute time frame is tight for this class, however, I believe I could cover a bit of brainstorming regarding methods of outreach and language that they have used that they believe serve as ‘triggers’ and ‘bridges’ while also covering the Disasters likely for the Pacific Northwest and a bit of what is needed to prepare adequately.

Alice Busch (Systems Thinking and Resiliency Training and Sandy Fire District)
Alice Busch has a Bachelors Degree in Communications from Northern Arizona University and has been in the fire service for 20 years. An EMT, Public Information and Education Officer, Critical Incident Stress Manager, Peer Counselor, Inspector and former Investigator, Alice teaches extensively across the region. 

Alice also currently serves as a Community Emergency Response Team Trainer and is a Citizen Corps Council representative for the Urban Area Securities Initiative (UASI) region as well as a UASI Public Information Officer representative. Alice is a true advocate of working within the Incident Command Structure and firmly believes in the pivotal importance of citizen involvement/engagement in all aspects of Emergency Management (mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery).

On her off duty time she practices Permaculture and works to forge bridges of communication between the diverse factions who share an unknown common link = 20 minute walkable neighborhoods.


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