~~ Permaculture and Education ~~

Adelaide Nalley
Adelaide Nalley

The Next Step: Regenerative education beyond the garden

An exploration of the why’s and how’s of permaculture education in all school disciplines.
Stepping beyond the school garden and local watershed into ALL aspects of life, this presentation aims to help educators think creatively about new, broader ways to use permaculture to inspire and excite students to change their entire paradigm of how they live and interact with the world.
Permaculture, in its grandest and widest application, can provide the youth of today, the earth stewards of tomorrow, with skills not normally taught by teachers, parents, or larger society: critical thinking skills, systems thinking, application of values to actions, and knowledge of self/community-reliance.
Encouraged to apply the design system creatively to their own interest areas, students can take permaculture and expand it to realms we couldn’t even imagine, becoming true future-shapers.

Adelaide has been educating young adults for 13 years, exploring traditional, popular, and experiential education methods. After working as a sustainability/garden educator at a k-12 school in California, she began designing and directing permaculture – and social justice – focused courses in Central and South America. She is a certified permaculture designer and has studied permaculture, natural building, and sustainable living throughout the Americas. 

Adelaide is a Sociologist by training, with a Masters from UCLA and extensive real-life sociological exploration experience from 7 years of international travel through over 40 countries.  She currently lives and works at Lost Valley Education Center – just south of Eugene, Oregon.

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