This is the NW Permaculture Convergence FOOD BLOG. The convergence head chef is Tsarra Berger: Tsarra will be posting to this forum about needed food donation items and updating her list of needs as we approach the convergence weekend!


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43 Responses to FOOD BLOG

  1. tsarra berger says:

    hi everyone it’s tsarra here, lets talk!

    • tsarra berger says:

      we have the usual wish list for permy food, oils, nuts, seeds, fruit, veggies, veggies, veggies, meat, eggs, snacks like cookies, popcorn, crackers, etc, for tea table, dairy products, non dairy products, like cheeses, milks, butters, yogurts, etc.
      we plan to have soup and salad everyday, so anything to go with these!
      also bread will be provided, so stuff to go on bread, nut butters, spreads, etc..
      we will have oatmeal for breakfast, so anything to go with oatmeal including: dried fruit, nuts, maple syrup, honey, etc..
      thanks guys, write in and tell me what you plan on bringing, we will keep a log and keep track of as much as we can, and ask for more…
      look forward!!!, tsarra

    • Afia Menke says:

      Dan and I are bringing Nine Pounds of 100% Grassfed Local Beefalo burger.
      For those interested in perennial veggie propagation, I will be sharing about Yacon.
      Thank you for cookin’ & see you soon!

  2. elizabeth fox says:

    I’ve got home canned organic peaches (8 pints) and Rose Valley butter (2 lbs), and I’ll pick up a couple pounds of veggies on the day of.
    How about a sack of potatoes…. hashbrowns with garlic and olive oil!!!

    • tsarra berger says:

      great! bring it! yes to all of it. thanks for posting, we will take items large and small, if you like to eat it, include it. if there are any questions, please ask.

  3. Jason Fitch says:

    Here’s what we can bring (approximate): 2# walnuts, 1# honey, 1# raisins, 1# raw sunflower seeds, canned peaches and pears (you name it, we have a surplus), 1 ham hock, quite a bit of loose leaf black and chamomile tea. Is all of this okay?

  4. Monica says:

    Do you already have enough rolled oats and flour/bread?

  5. Carlo Voli says:

    We’ll be harvesting a whole bunch of kale and swiss chard the day before heading down and can bring a 5 pound bag of organic brown rice.

  6. nadya king says:

    What do other folks who are gluten intolerant/Celiac disease & totally GF plan to do?
    I will be staying with relatives in the area, & was thinking of just bringing my own food rather than risking cross contamination (bread stuff close to folks making salad, cutting boards, utensils, etc) ???

    • tsarra berger says:

      we will have a small amount of gluten free options, please make sure they know your about your restrictions at registration, thanks for asking.

  7. Peter Uglesich says:

    Hi tsarra! There’s four of us coming and we were going to bring (all organic) 2 lbs. whole wheat pasta, 2 jars pasta sauce, 2 dozen eggs, 5 lbs. potatoes, 2 onions, 3-4 lbs. apples, 1 jar of jam and 4 lbs. of quinoa.

  8. Hi Tsarra, Chef Extraordinare! I admire your bravery in allowing all of this to unfold. I plan to harvest a couple heads of fresh cabbage and a few pounds of green tomatoes for this event. Carlo Voli already mentioned we are bringing 5lb rice and lots of fresh kale. I’m happy to bring 2 cartons soy milk and dried beans. I’m considering bringing some organically-raised bacon and Sol fillets, depending on how well they travel when frozen.

    As a pescatarian and am gluten-intolerant, I’m wondering how this food co-operative will work out for those of us with restrictions. Nadya has a great point about cross-contamination. I will plan to bring some of my own foods that I can prepare and consume as a back up, in case things don’t work out with the main courses. If you need help, just ask. I am a Dietitian, specialize in food sensitivities, and have experience cooking for large crowds on retreats.


    • tsarra berger says:

      wow, thanks, i do make a lot of food for private clients with restrictions and we will have options, everyone needs to registrar and let us know about their diet needs.
      we will have soup, salad and bread at lunch and dinner, with alternatives.
      thanks for all the great input!

  9. So far I am bringing ~1 lb. raw almonds; ~5 lbs. bean soup mix; ~3.5 lbs. millet (organic).

    Looking forward to kitchen creativity…there was some good food improv at last year’s convergence. Advance three cheers for the cooks!

  10. Thomas Allen says:

    I ran across anasazi dry beans in Blanding UT. They were found in an ancient cache and propagated or so the story goes; so I bought some. I could bring 10# although they might be better for seed stock. I have extra so it doesn’t matter to me. I’ll bring em and folks can decide whether to plant em or eat em.

  11. Kelda Miller says:

    Looks like we’ve got blog spam above. (I get lots of weird general positive posts like that on my wordpress website and don’t publish. Obviously people aren’t reading/posting about a food blog and it would be easier to read food blog without that crap. I doubt they’re real people).

    What are some food items that those who are traveling light/by transit can really help with. I have an abundant garden but it’s ridiculous for me to carry carrots, potatoes, or kale. Right now I’m thinking something like garlic, or spices that are costly but don’t take up much space. I’d love your ideas on this Tsarra, so folks who don’t have lots of carrying space can still contribute the same Value of food as others who can carry bigger items.

    • tsarra berger says:

      Kelda!, thanks, yes some weird blogs above, just ignore?
      Anyway, spices for savory soups would be great, garlic yes, people could also shop
      when they get here, or give us money toward our shopping, we will be buying goods from skeeter and other farmers markets (local) and money is light. we may have 400-500
      people to feed, so we do need lots of heavy vegs, grains, etc.. spices and garlic are not enough. the idea was to bring enough food for you and others for the whole weekend that is a lot of food, breakfasts lunches and dinners. the closest co-op is food front in north portland, or grocery outlet on hwy 30 has an organics section, and we could buy skeeters stuff! thanks look forward to seeing you.

  12. Andrew says:

    if you are using wordpress you can install Akismet and it will block all that spam very effectively!

  13. Kathy Gunderson says:

    We’re bringing a quart of raw coconut oil and whatever the garden provides on thursday. That should include tomaotes, zuchini, kale, and winter squash. Looking forward to sharing a meal together!

  14. Katharine Barrett says:

    (yeah, wow – lots of spam. Is there a way to delete or filter that out?)

    We will be bringing along our CSA, which lately has consisted of a lot of greens and some squash.
    We’re coming from Seattle, so we need to make sure it will travel well, but this has given me some ideas for more.


  15. Rachel says:

    We will bring 2 lbs of raw sunflower seeds and some garlic. Plus whatever we pick up at the coop Friday morning – probably a few pounds of onions and some apples and/or cabbage.
    Rachel & Kevin

  16. mary cavett says:

    Can you use organic whole grains? we have red spring wheat berries, rye berries, yellow corn, and medium grain brown rice?..more or less 20 lbs of each?
    We also have some garbanzos,fava and black beans? Also green tomatoes?

  17. Rebecca Dare & Bill Opfermann says:

    So far, we’ll be bringing organic sweet potatoes, onions, organic tomatoes (red and green), possibly some greens. I’ll add more later if we come up with more items.

  18. Sequoia says:

    I have LOTS of potatoes of different varieties that have some tunneling that needs to be trimmed off but they are delicious once trimmed. How many could you use? I can bring as many as you like. Also are you inundated with apples or is there room for more? Also have quite a few peas.

  19. Donna Maria says:

    I see there are green tomatoes coming! I just got the simplest and most delicious green tomato salsa recipe from my neighbor and will bring it to share.

  20. Kacy Cullen says:

    Most likely will be bringing a few small-medium pumpkins, tomatoes (orange, and a few green ones), 2lbs red potatoes, two heads bok choy, and a small bag of baby japanese eggplants

  21. Suki Aufhauser says:

    I’ll be bringing 20lbs of organic brown basmati rice, 4 pounds of organic raisins, a large box of gluten free crackers & 2 large bundles of soba noodles.

  22. Frances says:

    Hi Again Tsarra,

    I’ve decided to bring several squashes as well.



  23. We’ll be bringing 25 lbs of dry lentils.

  24. Tyler says:

    I have 11 small acorn squash, a lot of oatmeal (20+ lbs), lentils (20+ lbs) and
    split peas (20+ lbs). Should I bring it all?

  25. Andrew says:

    Could you use eggs and butter? Can bring those in addition to some tomatoes & squash

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  28. tsarra berger says:


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